Jari Vassinger
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My artworks that are predominantly created with glass take effect just because of their transparency and their clear shapes. Triangle, circle, vertical and horizontal lines are finding their formal unit with a high aesthetical value. The symbolical meaning are emphasized through meaningful shapes and designs. With glass as the reflection of the human soul I point out the inventive spirit of mankind. The glass is shaping transparent designs and in interconnection with colors and other materials it has an unique effect to the observer. Not only that glass is very fragile but also it is hard. This means to deal with this material in a persistently way. It is not easy to work with glass and to form it. I succeeded in finding my own individual expression in the artistic creation. With new resources I try to express my sentiments with and in the glass.



Glass assemblage „The Silence“


Glass assemblage „The Wedge“



Glass assemblage „The rationality grinder“




Glass assemblage „Allgäu gate“


Glass assemblage „Acupunctur dragon“


Glass assemblage „Metamorphoses of Ruletten“


Glass assemblage „Computer mouse“


Glass assemblage „Fulfillment through the holy ghost“


Glass assemblage „Girl from Untreuste“ 


Glass assemblage „Stonehenge“


Assemblage Vogelscheuche 1


Glasassemblage Geburt der Königin


Heimatfilm Glasassemblage mit Filmstreifen und Halogenstrahler


Traumschif  Glasassemblage 30x40cm 1997 Unverkäuflich009


Virtuele Drehung