Jari Vassinger
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Graphics - Paintings 



On this page I want to present my drawings, aquarelles, graphics and oil paintings that were resulted during my time in Wangen and Isny (Allgäu). The graphics I worked on mainly in the time before my studies at the Art academy in Stuttgart and at the institute of art education and art therapy IBKK in Bochum. I started my etchings with the lecturer Ingeborg Zeim at the VHS Wangen (Allgäu). Drawings and aquarelles I did since elementary school, so to speak as an autodidact.

Coal painting „Me as the target“


Aquatinta etching “Flowering love” 


Etching “Home sickness”


Lithography “Daniel”  


Aquarelle “The fight”


Lithography “The eavesdropper” 


Aquarelle “The reader”


Pencil drawing “Peter from Isny” 


Etching and lithography „The desire“


Oil painting “The first sin”


Etching “The desolation”


Oil painting “Genesis”


Coal drawing “Goose well in Wangen (Allgäu)” 


Aquatinta etching “In the watermark” 


Etching “Backyard in Isny (Allgäu)”


Oil painting “Weary of life”


Pastel “Prague castle” 


Collage “Venus from Cyprus”