Jari Vassinger
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This object “Protégé” has pronounced feminine design vocabulary. With this idea of the picture I created an artwork that shows very intensive quality. There goes this waved form which merges to an orb in the inside that is the representation of the soul. Due to the reflexions of the polished surfaces of the used material correspondences occur simultaneously with tensions in the interior space. This is also visible due to the amorphic outer surface and a pointed vertical opening for a protective inside view that is directed upward. With a kind of playful manner it is directed for the eye of the observer. This acts against all kinds of voyeuristic demands. The world egg can be touched from the outside with the hand but the orb in the inside is untouchable and unreachable. It permits looks on something valuable in the inside. A cult of goddesses speaks from creative power. Here the moment of peace and tranquility should be expressed but something opens up, more likely evolutionary, a decisive dimension of a new artistic expression.

Steel plastic “The Protégé”

Glass plastic „Affair of the heart“

Glass plastic „Wheel of destiny“

“Wheel of destiny” from a side view

Glass plastic “Davids` harp”


Glass plastic “Apple of discord”

Glass plastic „Fukushima“ 


Glass plastic „Angel for Karel Kryl”

Glass plastic „The Gap“


Glass plastic „General Laudon“


Glas Plastik Geheimnis der Pyramide 2 

Glas Plastik Überfischumg 44x33x16cm


Glas Plastik Zuflucht Europa56x40x40cm 

Glasplastik Brotcast Free Europe


Glasplastik Gemeinsam sind wir stark